Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moving Again

Can't afford to live here. Truly... don't want to be here. Meander is not loving the three flights.

Place is so small, I can't describe it. Okay. I'll try.

Bedroom will hold the bed and maybe a bookcase. Living room not much bigger. 'Kitchenette' off to one side.


I guess I'm growing into some kind of spiritual understanding... (at my age). I had a co-worker who I admire look at some apartments with me.... with the thought of moving in together. He's spent a lot of time with wealthy people and he's earned some bucks himself. Had a home in Florida. Bought one in Eastern Europe with his lover and outfitted it to the nth degree. Had to leave his lover and came back to nothing. Lives with a friend in his 600,000 house.

We were looking at a two bedroom... large view of the lake. It was filthy.... single guy.... never cleaned. But this realty company does clean. Looked at another. Nice. As we walked away, my friend said that he had to stop thinking about where and what he had been.... and then, reneged.

I have been there twice now. I'm about to give up most of what I own. If God is laughing, I'll be there with the ex.

But.... it's not things. It's emotional and spiritual freedom that's important. It's Meander getting to walk right out the front door without stress. It's driving to work with money in the bank.

I'm handling this, but I'm not.


  1. Wondering how you are, Robin?

    1. Still thinking of you.
      Hope your New Year brings you happiness and love.