Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thank God for trees....

Thank God for trees
Who drop their branches like afterthoughts
On cold winter days onto stiffened grass
In parks and unsuspecting places.

And thank God for trees, who wait with patience
For dogs
Knotted up with too much, inside
Too many toys
Too much giving
And far too little running.

Thank God for branches turned to sticks
Turned to prey that's
Turned to joy.

As it's caught
And returned.
And caught
And returned
Until it's time to settle in for the feast...

Eating sticks under the twilight sky
Then picking joy out of their teeth...

Wooden stars that light their way home.

Thank God for trees.


  1. A purely wonderful poem! What a delight to anyone's who loves a dog.

  2. Thanks, Grizz. I don't know how wonderful, but heartfelt....