Monday, February 27, 2012

Planet Dance

The twilight sky has been beautiful this week. I've watched at dusk as Venus and Jupiter have tried to woo the moon, but neither succeeded. Now Venus is falling for the horizon with Jupiter not far beyond. Somewhere in the east, Mercury is rising. I think I've found him, but I'm not sure.

On Meanders last walk I looked at the sky above the water. So many stars (and maybe planets) but no planes... those posers who chain their lights together as tawdry baubles.... cheap necklaces that seem to go on forever.

No. Just dark and quiet and water rushing. And the soft crunching of sticks.

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  1. Guess I missed this while I was down, but glad I found it. Lovely post and I especially love the line about Venus and Jupiter "trying to woo the moon." That is really nice. And perfect, because one night, Saturday, Sunday , whenever, I managed to make it out onto the deck to let Moon-the-Dog do her thing before bed, and looking up, saw Venus and Jupiter with the moon between them, hanging just above the sycamores over the river. Three lights mirrored in the water, now doubled into six, and the slice of moon like an upended canoe. I bet they were something over the lake, providing you were where you could look west and still have water between you--maybe a bay or similar indentation in the shoreline.

    Great piece.